Aufait UX is a leading UX UI design agency at the forefront of creating exceptional user experience and Interface for enterprises and start-ups across the globe.


Connecting passion, purpose and skills

Our founders, with their deep passion for design and technical expertise are adept at simplifying complex digital interactions. From a small team of 3 in 2017, Aufait UX grew rapidly to a 50+ member team today, with an enviable customer list including Fortune 100 companies and unique startups.


Why we do what we do?

Back in 2017, few organizations considered UI UX design as a key component of product design. Quality UI UX design was a luxury service affordable to only established businesses. As technology enthusiasts, we wanted to widen the spectrum and offer quality UI UX design services to businesses of all scales, from startups to small & medium enterprises. We believe that every digital experience should be delightful and easy.


Bridging functionality & aesthetics

We believe that engineering and design should go hand in hand. Our team has a healthy mix of designers from technology and design backgrounds, which gives us a significant advantage to analyze the technical aspects and create designs that seamlessly blend. We understand the intricacies of complex systems and enjoy leveraging design to solve technical challenges and simplifying the processes.

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Awards and industry recognitions

Our passion for creating outstanding UI UX designs has been acknowledged and celebrated through prestigious awards and accolades. Being recognized by industry experts for our commitment to excellence is a testament to the passion and dedication we bring to every project.

Little & often: Our guiding philosophy

We believe in taking consistent and incremental steps. Little things add up to big results and this philosophy guides our every action, from learning to designing.

Our culture

Our passion for creating outstanding UI UX designs has been acknowledged and celebrated through prestigious awards.

Fostering ownership culture

When individuals take ownership, great things happen. We nurture a culture of ownership and provide autonomy for team members to make decisions and drive innovation.


Endless learning and exposure

We love learning something new everyday. Our consistent learning culture combined with the diverse exposure empowers our team to explore and grow without limits.


Open to all voices

We understand perspectives differ from person to person. We respect all voices and act on the feedback, not our emotions. Be it juniors or seniors or criticism or compliment, we listen to all.


Building through teamwork

Collaboration is at the heart of our work. We share ideas, listen to each other and come together to brainstorm solutions that are innovative and unique.


Embracing trends

We love staying connected to the latest trends and embracing them in our work. Analyzing popular apps to explore, learn and adapt new trends is a key part of our creative process.


Meet the faces behind Aufait UX


Bijith Ahmed

Co Founder / Design director



Co Founder / CFO


Sushil Shankar

Client Relationship Manager



Lead UI Designer



Lead UX Designer


Deepthi S Nair

Culture, Diversity and Engagement Manager


Explore opportunities with us

We are always open for the curious and the creative! If you want to be a part of our design journey, our doors are open. Join our creative team and let’s explore together!