We are a UI UX design company based in India, crafting research-driven, conversion-oriented & user-friendly digital products.

UI UX design services to bring your product vision to life

As a UI UX design company, we provide end-to-end UI UX services including research, wireframing, UI design and development. Our UI UX services:

Enterprise UX

Full range of enterprise application UX UI design services including legacy systems redesign, new product design, design systems implementation and Enterprise UX audit.

UX for startups

Affordable UI UX design packages for startups. Designing pitch decks to clickable prototypes and helping startups visualize their ideas and develop products that have high customer conversion rates.

UX audit

UX audit services from EAA accessibility compliance to heuristics evaluation and design systems evaluation to transform your products to be highly competitive and conversion-oriented.

Design systems

Implementation and maintenance of design systems from initial assessment to building component libraries and continuous enhancement and support.

SAP UX design

Custom SAP UX UI design services using standard design tools and SAP Fiori to simplify complex enterprise workflows and make them easy to use, engaging and visually appealing

Front end development

Transforming your UI UX designs to highly responsive front-end/UI. We develop pixel perfect front-end/UI using the latest technologies, including HTML, Angular, React JS, Javascript and WordPress.

Dashboard design

Maximize data potential with actionable dashboard designs. Our dashboard design services will help you gain better operational insights and visibility by translating raw data into highly effective visuals.

Corporate Design Workshop to Upskill your Developers

Hands on design workshops led by expert UI UX designers. Limited slots available!

Our UX designs that drive business growth for clients


SaaS UI UX design

IQnext: Building management platform

Cloud platform to facilitate energy, device and space management for buildings.


Mobile app UI UX design

StockPe: Stock market learning & trading app

Design for a Fintech platform that takes a gamified approach to make stock education and investment simple and engaging. 


Mobile app design & UI development

DAMAC: Real estate app UX

UX UI redesign and development for a leading real estate enterprise to improve their agents’ operations & communication.


Ecommerce website design & UI development

Wire & Switch: Ecommerce platform

Design & development for an electrical ecommerce platform to create a seamless shopping experience & improve sales. 


Mobile app UI UX design

Pebbles: Self-help app 

Mobile app design for a journaling & goal setting platform to encourage user interactions and increase user engagement.


Web app UX UI design

IUDX: Data exchange platform

Web UI UX design for IUDX, a smart city data exchange platform under the Govt. of India to facilitate data accessing & sharing.

Our diverse industry expertise

Delivering user-centric designs across industries that align with business goals and deliver value to both users and businesses.

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UI UX design company FAQ’s

Why do I need a UX UI design agency?

Even functionally sound apps can fail to engage users if it has poor design. Good design makes apps usable and engaging while keeping them aesthetically appealing. A UI UX design agency adds value to your business by helping you create a user-friendly and visually stunning product. Here are a few reasons why you need to hire a UI/UX design agency for creating successful products.
  • User research: A UI/UX design agency conducts in-depth research to understand the needs, behaviors, and preferences of your target users. This information is leveraged to design a product that meets the user’s needs and expectations leading to higher user satisfaction and engagement.

  • Design expertise: The passionate and energetic team of experienced designers at a UI UX agency will be adept at creating intuitive and user-friendly designs. With their skills, they help you create designs that are aesthetically pleasing, functional, and easy to use.

  • Brand consistency: The services of a UI/UX design agency help you ensure that your product is consistent with your brand’s identity. You will get a design that is cohesive and aligned with your brand. It helps you offer a seamless user experience across all touchpoints.

  • ROI: In the long run, hiring a UI/UX design agency is cost-effective. Because a well-designed product increases user engagement and retention resulting in higher ROI.

  • Saves time: Designing a user-centric product takes time and businesses may not have the bandwidth to do it by themselves. So, a UI UX design agency can take care of the design process for you, freeing up your time to focus on core business operations.

What is your design process?

We follow a systematic UX UI design process that helps us meet client requirements meticulously. Here is a brief overview of the different phases of our design process.
  • Product definition: We define the scope and purpose of the product, including identifying the target audience, their needs, and the product features and functionalities.

  • Research: We gather data and insights about the target audience and the market. Here, we conduct user research, analyze trends and statistics, and assess industry best practices.

  • Analysis: We synthesize the data and insights collected in the research stage and build a comprehensive understanding of the user journey by creating user personas and scenarios.

  • Design: We create wireframes, prototypes, and visual designs that bring the product to life. It includes defining the user flow and creating the UI by keeping in mind the user needs and the business goals.

  • Validation or Testing: We test the design with real users and identify usability issues or areas of improvement. It includes conducting user testing, analyzing user feedback, and making iterative improvements to the design.

Read more about our design process from our blog to gain a detailed understanding of the UI/UX design process.

How much time do you take to deliver the UI/UX design?

It varies from project to project depending on the scope. On an average, we take 4-8 weeks to complete a project. This timeline allows us for thorough research, user testing, and iterative design processes to ensure that the final product meets the needs of both the client and end users.
Before beginning any design work, we spend time getting to know our clients and their business goals. This includes researching their target audience and industry trends to ensure that we create a design that aligns with their brand and works well for their customers.
Once the design process begins, we conduct user testing to ensure that the design meets the needs of the target audience. We also make iterative design changes based on user feedback to create the best possible user experience.
While the timeline may vary, our goal is to deliver a UI/UX design that meets the business requirements. We work closely with our clients throughout the process to ensure that they are satisfied with the final design.

How to choose the right UI/UX design company in India?

Choosing the right user experience design company is a crucial decision that can impact the success of your product and brand. Here are some factors to consider while choosing the right design company in India.
Case studies, feedback, and testimonials
A design company’s credibility can be assessed with testimonials, case studies and feedback. It is a sure shot way to understand the performance of the company and its competitive edge. You can discuss with brands or companies that have collaborated with the company you like and outline its exceptional services. You can also rely on websites like Clutch and Designrush to get individual ratings and reviews.
Portfolio of projects
Successfully executed projects of a design company are a testament to their work style, skillset, and approach. While analyzing the portfolio of projects, take note of the following:
  • options-pointer Number of completed projects
  • options-pointer Distinctiveness of the project
  • options-pointer Quality of product design
  • options-pointer The authenticity of the UX Research
UX research methodology
The right UX design company gives thirst to the groundwork first. It means the company has an all-inclusive UX research report. It starts with gathering data about the target audience, product, and brand. Then, a user persona is created to understand how the designers can create a user-centric product.
Efficacious communication
A clear channel of communication is essential to provide a clear understanding of the UX studio’s professionalism. Ideally, a design agency shows enthusiasm and determination from the start of the project.
Deciphering client objectives
When choosing the right design agency, it is important to choose one that has a proven track record of interpreting client objectives. It means understanding what the client wants to achieve through their project. A few questions you need to ask a design agency are:
  • options-pointer Will the design agency meet the project deadline and deliver the final design on time?
  • options-pointer How often will the design agency provide progress updates on the project?
  • options-pointer What are the prerequisites for working with this design agency, such as budget, project scope, or design style?

Which design tools do you use?

Figma, Adobe XD, and Sketch are some of the tools that we use for our UX UI design. These tools allow us to create high-fidelity wireframes, prototypes, and visual designs that accurately represent the final product. However, Figma is the tool we use the most to design user-centric designs.
Figma is cloud-based and allows multiple team members to work together in real-time, making it an ideal choice for our UI/UX team. We use Figma to create interactive prototypes that allow us to test user flows and gather feedback from clients.
Ultimately, our choice of tools depends on the specific needs of each project and client. We continuously add new design tools and techniques to our kitty to ensure that we deliver the best possible design solutions to you.

Do you provide software and mobile app development services?

Yes, we have a dedicated team that offers UI ( front-end) and mobile application development. Being a UI UX design agency, our development team is specially trained to focus on even the tiny design details. Our development team ensures pixel-perfect designs by working closely with the design team and the clients.

How does your UI UX design agency price its services?

We have a flexible pricing model based on the duration and mode of engagement and customer requirements.
  • Project Mode: In this model, the scope of work and project schedule are mutually agreed upon at the proposal stage, and we deliver the project at a fixed cost. This model is suitable for start-ups with budget constraints, projects where the scope is defined, and high UX research and quality requirements are needed. It also requires input and review from senior designers and experts. The payment milestones include an advance payment and one or two delivery milestones.

  • Time & Material (T&M) Mode: In this model, customers are billed for resources used in the project hourly. The hourly billing rate is based on different skill and experience levels and is billed on a monthly or weekly basis. Weekly timesheets are shared with the customer for review and sign-off. This model is well suited for ongoing maintenance projects and continuous engagement and customers commit to a minimum number of hours per month to secure the resources for their project.

  • UI UX design packages: We offer price packages for UI UX design services for start-ups. Our startup packages range between $3999 to $4999 and are customizable to fit the unique requirements of start-ups.

How does your UI UX design company demonstrate the progress or success of your work?

We gauge the success of our projects by looking at the feedback we receive from the clients and understanding the business benefits the organizations receive from the UI UX designs.
The business and operational benefits that our clients have achieved by implementing our UX UI designs include seed funding from large-scale investors for startups, increased downloads, and user acquisition for mobile apps, reduced cost of operations for enterprises, and improved sales and conversion for e-commerce apps. Read more of our customer reviews here.